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Wednesday's Even Worse

Ian McKenzie has been a blues fan since he was in his early teens - and thats a long time ago. In the late 1950s he was a ‘skiffler’ in a small group which was good enough to be selected by the National Jazz Federation to support the Chris Barber Band. Ian fell in love with the music that Chris played and was entranced by many (most) of the dozens of blues musicians he brought over to the UK. A lover of most types of blues from Mississippi through Chicago and including Zydeco and Cajun music, as well as the more ‘folky’ style of the likes of Elizabeth Cotton, Woodie Guthrie and Josh White, Ian is a huge Big Bill Broonzy fans and is the curator of , a tribute site. Ian has written articles and done record reviews for Blues and Ryhthm. He has been the editor of Blues In The South ( for twenty years this year. He still does regular book and record reviews and has interviewed close to one hundred blues artists from all around the world. For more than fifteen years he has been involved in producing and presenting blues radio shows, both live and pre-recorded for stations on both sides of the Atlantic. 'Wednesday's Even Worse' (the title comes from the wonderful song by T-Bone Walker, 'Stormy Monday') is a show reflecting Ian's broad interests and includes, old and new blues, acoustic and electric blues, Cajun music and Zydeco, Blues Rock and old rock 'n' roll, Gospel music and even the of bit of Jazz.

Wednesdays Even Worse

Ian McKenzie